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The New Fuss About Preparing an Outline for Research Articles and Thesis

The New Fuss About Preparing an Outline for Research Articles and Thesis To begin, you're going to want a great topic and a strong focus so as to receive your paper outline rolling. How to structure the outline is undoubtedly a topic of private opinion. You might also state what kind of approach it is you'll use in your paper for the full discussion of your topic. For your research paper example to get going, you ought to announce your introduction with few sentences that show what sort of research questions you are going to be asking. Preparing an Outline for Research Articles and Thesis - the Story You should begin with the thesis of the paper, and thus do not begin using subheadings. Read guidelines to learn what numbering you ought to use for the biggest chapters, their subsections, and little elements. All your headings have to be equal in significance or importance of one another. Now you have to make sure to create your other headings and sub-headings have verbs ins ide them. Remember that the primary goal of the research paper is to demonstrate your abilities to work on your own and demonstrate the reach of your knowledge on several topics. A well-made outline is crucial in locating substantial info and keeping track of large quantities of information from a research paper. Conducting a research isn't any doubt an elaborate affair and with all these tasks to do, it isn't uncommon to eliminate consistency if there is absolutely no outline. Fantastic research paper's examples almost always concentrate on novel suggestions to address which will be of value in the area. To begin with, you should have an outline to assist you determine just what you'll be searching for. It might be helpful as you're developing your outline additionally to write down a tentative collection of references. The more points you would like to include, the more elaborate outline you'll ever have. By studying various outline samples, you're guaranteed to come up with the ideal research paper outline in almost no time. The Basic Facts of Preparing an Outline for Research Articles and Thesis How to make an APA research paper outline If you've got to write employing the APA format, you should stick to the general rules of making the outline. Utilizing an outline template can assist the student organize the paper and eliminate the ideas that aren't pertinent to the use of the essay. Making an APA outline is the very first matter to do in developing a structure on what's going to be written in the paper and the way it's written. Completing an MLA outline will guarantee your research paper format is accurate. You can also see speech outline. You might also see program outline. A great outline has become the most crucial step in writing a superb paper. Developing a fantastic outline is important in an additional composing of your research paper. The Lost Secret of Preparing an Outline for Research Articles and Thesis The report covers its most important elements and offers valuable examples. The overwhelming majority of scientific reports can be simplified into the next constituent parts. Sooner or later, you will find that all of the research paper examples will allow you to start and get you moving in the proper direction for you to reach the very best possible mark you are able to. If you take a close look at research paper outline examples, you will observe there are several strategies to present the major body. Planning is certainly a necessity, and all the ideal research papers examples come from effective planning. Summarize what you've said earlier in your dissertation, and following you are finished, return and revise! After reading the thesis, there ought to be no doubt precisely what the research will be about. An outline is vital when a student has to handle a concise assignment of 1000 words or less. Writing a research paper is as essential as performing the true research or experiment itself and can seem to be an extremely daunting undertaking. In order to start outlining the research paper, determine why you're researching the subject. If you've ever done a research before, then you know it's hard to find the best results if you don't use an outline. Whether you do a very simple research or a complicated one for a larger project, a research outline can help you receive the best outcomes. The paper comprises a 1 paragraph abstract. The debut of the research paper outline should have a thesis or hypothesis that illustrates the claim the paper is attempting to prove. A research paper outline, though, will additionally have a hypothesi s or thesis as a portion of the introduction. It is preferable to use complete sentence outline structure, if your paper needs to be formatted in MLA. What You Should Do to Find Out About Preparing an Outline for Research Articles and Thesis Before You're Left Behind An outline is essential for all sorts of research papers. After all, you're making a paper outline so that it is possible to guide yourself towards starting a research paper, so naturally, you won't wish to enter the literature review practice. Ask any professor or academic and they're going to tell you the research paper outline is the main portion of the entire process. The research paper outline will help to clarify the topic of the research paper, guide the subject matter to remain on course, and helps to begin the writing of the true research paper. Research Paper isn't a task for a single day. An individual should realize that every Research Paper is a sophisticated writing because it must contain distinctive research and distinctive idea. Research papers are almost always exciting to read. They are a major part of the educational process, and many instructors require students to provide an outline of their research paper before they actually write it.

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Individuals with PTSD and The Effects on the Brain A...

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is triggered by an individual experiencing of a traumatic event. PTSD patients can exhibit varied behaviours which can be subtle or extreme. These behaviours include but are not exhaustive of, anger, fear, dissociative states, amnesia and negative cognition (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2013). PTSD research is now able to explain certain changes in the brain which affect these behaviours. In this essay focus will be given to these brain changes and which behaviours they affect in PTSD patients. It is widely accepted that the hippocampus manages memory retrieval. PTSD can cause amnesia involving the event itself or dissociative states where the patient re-lives the event through resemblance of circumstance or hallucination (APA, 2013). Each of these tasks utilise the hippocampus to try and retrieve the memory (Schacter et al, 2012). Animal research has provided evidence that severe stress can damage hippocampal formation (Gilbertson, Shenton, Ciszweski, Kasia, Lasko, Orr, Pitman, 2002). Human research has investigated further by measuring the hippocampal volume on soldiers who were exposed to traumatic events and developed PTSD or where exposed but did not develop PTSD. All of the soldiers’ unexposed twins underwent the same process. All participants were tested for PTSD symptoms, all twins were non PTSD. Once their diagnosis was determined brain imaging scans were carried out and volumes of the hippocampusShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Terrorism On The United St ates932 Words   |  4 PagesThese include studies by Morland, Butler and Leskin into the effects of terrorism in the United States; Vazquez, Perez-Sales and Hervas covering the social and individual effects of terrorism in Madrid; Frazier and Berman covering post-traumatic growth in female sexual assault victims; and Joseph, Williams and Yule on psychosocial perspectives on PTSD and treatment (TRG pg 19). These studies show the importance of reprogramming PTSD clients towards normalizing and coping methods and re-integrationRead MorePtsd : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder1462 Words   |  6 PagesPTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental disorder or serious condition that can develop after a victim who has witnessed or experienced a traumatic event.(American Psychiatric Association, 2013) When PTSD was identified as an mental health condition by the psychologist? The term PTSD first appeared in the 1980s, but the concept of this disorder can be traced back to 1952 when the first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM was published. The stress reactionRead MoreThe Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress On Brain Functioning1748 Words   |  7 Pagesaim of this study is to assess the effects of post-traumatic stress on brain functioning, in particular executive functioning and information processing of children and adolescents. This study also aims to evaluate prazosin as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents. Specifically, the study focuses on the treatment of sleep disturbances such as insomnia, nightmares and altered sleep schedules. The hypotheses of this study is that the subjects with PTSD will performRead MoreEssay On Ptsd1510 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction to the Study of Alcohol and Drug Problems - Assignment #2 Renpei Chen | 10141208 Queen’s University Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that can happen to anyone. About 7 or 8 of every 100 people will experience PTSD at some point in their lives and examples of people who are at an elevated risk are war veterans and assault victims (U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, 2016). This paper will discuss the current treatment methods available for PTSD victims and willRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd ) Essay1472 Words   |  6 Pagesstress disorder (PTSD). There is a great deal of research which analyzes this relationship. There are many elements that serve as contributing factors to the correlation between suicide and PTSD. PTSD-related suicide among soldiers is due to a number of intervening aspects including combat exposure, moral injury, self-forgiveness, social support, and traumatic brain injury.   Ã‚  Ã‚   Regarding military personnel, it appears that being exposed to combat is a factor that may contribute to PTSD symptoms and thereforeRead MorePost Dramatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )1550 Words   |  7 PagesPost dramatic stress disorder or PTSD is an anxiety disorder caused by very, frightening, stressful or distressing events. People with PTSD can often relive traumatic events through nightmares and flashbacks, and can feel, irritable, isolated and guilty. Some may also have problems with sleeping, for instance insomnia and find concentrating difficult. In the context of the impact on a person, this essay explores the question of what are the causes and effects of post dramatic stress disorder, andRead MoreThe retrieval of a memory can initiate processes in our brain that actively consolidate and1100 Words   |  5 PagesThe retrieval of a memory can initiate processes in our brain that actively consolidate and strengthen the memory trace, a process known as memory rec onsolidation. Memories retrieved are thought to increase their stability once they undergo the process of consolidation. Retrieval of a memory trace may cause another liable phase to require more processing to keep the memory stable after retrieval; the brain systemically acquires cellular mechanisms to initiate a new round of protein synthesis thatRead MorePTSD and its Affects on the Human Body1101 Words   |  4 PagesPTSD and its Affects on the Human Body My girlfriend’s brother, Mary served in the Marines for four years. In those four years, he made three combat tours and four other small deployments. During his first trip to Iraq, he was severely injured in a land mine accident. He was the only one out of the other three soldiers in the tank that survived. The accident left him with a severe brain injury and partly blind in his left eye. Mary was in an Iraqi hospital for about two weeks. He then decidedRead MoreThe Effects Of Caregiving On Stress And Immune Function1544 Words   |  7 Pagesrelationships outside of the home and may create changes in employment or financial status. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser and her colleagues (1991) studied the effects of caregiving on stress and immune function and found that caregivers were more depressed and had poorer immune function than a control group of people with similar age, sex, and martial status. The effect of chronic stress on the immune system also likely accounted for why caregivers were also less likely to produce a sufficient number of antibodiesRead MoreThe Effects Of Eye Movement Reprocessing And Desensitization1596 Words   |  7 Pages Lone Star College - CyFair The Effects of Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization in Posttraumatic Stress Victims Kaitlyn Schenk PSYC 2301.5012 Laura Renee October 19, 2016 An estimated 5.2 million adults will suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) every year. Every PTSD victim encounters different experiences and symptoms that coincide with their trauma. Many forms of treatment and coping mechanisms have been attempted in the past decade to produce relief. There have

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Ebonics Essay example - 615 Words

Ebonics The other day I was talking on the subject of Ebonics. I feel Ebonics should be a language. I mean black adolescents that are seen as stupid and non-educated mostly use it. The talk compelled me to do some extensive studying on the subject. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Ebonics is the new academicianamp;#8217;s jargon or buzzword for what we used to call amp;#8220;Black English.; Ebonics comes from the root word Ebony that means black or dark. So since Ebonics is considered Black English I am assuming that the word is the only possible reason for calling it that. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In Oakland, CA, which is the city that is home to the first school board in the nation to proclaim, that Black English is formal†¦show more content†¦Instead the French speak amp;#8220;t;. Instead Africans speak amp;#8220;d;. Thus, amp;#8220;theatre; becomes amp;#8220;tayatra; and them becomes amp;#8220;dem;. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Many native African words are included in Standard English vocabulary. For example amp;#8220;okra, uh-huh, and uh-uh; are all formal African words. But, as Black English is slandered as mere amp;#8220;slang;, African contributions are also ignored. In this racist America, everything amp;#8220;black; is bad. (Examples: Blackmail, Blacklist, Blackball) And, everything amp;#8220;African; is very black and very bad. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Black neocons and racist whites who slander and resent Ebonics are only behaving as always. They always reject all that is Black. These same persons revere amp;#8220;differences; in other languages. Shakespearean English is regarded as theatrical and scholarly. French, Spanish, and Japanese are viewed as profitable and chic. Clearly, Black English is not being rejected for itamp;#8217;s difference, but for itamp;#8217;s blackness. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Some dare to claim that English and Black English are too similar to be separate. French is similar to Creole, and Spanish. But, no body is slandering any of these languages. Some dare to reject Black English because elite blacks do not speak it. Many elite Chinese Americans does not speak Chinese. But neoconsShow MoreRelatedEbonics979 Words   |  4 PagesEbonics, which stands for Ebony + Phonics is a new term that Linguistics use to describe Black Dialect or Black English or many of the other names that it has been given for more that 350 years.. has been in the news recently but it is definitely not a new topic. brbrEbonics is a language that is a combination of proper English and a combination of African languages. Because of this combination a pattern was formed on how certain words are said such as this and that, would be pronounced disRead MoreThe African Vernacular English1850 Words   |  7 Pages Ya’ll be thinkin’ ebonics be messin’ wit Standard English, but it be enrichin’ it in a lotta ways. If you did not quite understand the first sentence, here is a â€Å"proper† translation; many people believe that African-American English negatively affects Standard English, but it actually enriches it in various ways. Black English, Ebonics, ghetto talk, slang, and Black Vernacular are all different words or phrases used to describe the African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) language. There are certainRead MoreAfrican American Vernacular English (Aave)1503 Words   |  7 PagesPsychologist Robert Williams coined the term Ebonics in 1973. He combined the words ebony and phonics to create Ebonics, black speech sounds. In Ebonics: The True Language of Black Folks, he asserts Ebonics as the â€Å"linguistic and paralinguistic features which on a concentric continuum represent the communicative competence of the West African, Caribbean, and United States† (Williams 24). However, over time Ebonics gained a negative connotation. Ebonics is associated with slang, marginal and deficientRead MoreReflection Of Ebonics1741 Words   |  7 Pagesoutsiders. In my life, Ebonics had revealed an unique aspect of how my parents and distant relatives influenced my understanding of the Afrocentric dialect of the English language. In addition, it revealed how I communicate to my family and friends and the distinction of my reading between Ebonics and Old English during my high school years. Not to mention, for those who may not know what Ebonics is, Ebonics was the first dialect of the English language by African- Americans. Ebonics also known as AfricanRead More Ebonics Essay852 Words   |  4 PagesEbonics Ebonics, which stands for Ebony + Phonics is a new term that Linguistics use to describe Black Dialect or Black English or many of the other names that it has been given for more than 350 years. Ebonics is a language that is a combination of proper English and a combination of African languages. This combination pattern was formed on how certain words are pronounced such as, this and that, would be pronounced dis and dat in Ebonics. In most Ebonics words with the Th. soundRead MoreEssay about ebonics1044 Words   |  5 Pages Ebonics means black speech (a blend of the words ebony black and phonics sounds). The phrase was created in 1973 by a group of black scholars who disliked the negative connotations of terms like Nonstandard Negro English that had been coined in the 1960s when the first modern large-scale linguistic studies of African American speech communities began. However, the term Ebonics never caught on amongst linguists, much less among the general public. That all changed with the Ebonics controversyRead MoreWhat is Ebonics? Essay1197 Words   |  5 Pagesthe socially acceptable or proper form of language. Even though blacks willing learned English, the African-American community language has always been distinctive, and only for blacks to embrace and understand. The Black American English known as Ebonics became a topic of controversy in 1996, and is still debated as a critical language for African-Americans. Who says the only language in America should be English and why is it important for African-Americans to have their own language? National identityRead More Ebonics In Schools Essay1071 Words   |  5 Pages Ebonics in Schools Many black individuals have played their part in Americas history. Has the Oakland School gone too far by wanting to teach a black slang language in school. In this paper, you will see the peoples, teachers, and the students opinion as well as the Senate. A lot of people are speaking out on the subject, especially actors. Arsenio Hall replied to reporters â€Å"When I heard somebody from Oakland say the word genetic, on TV, I ran into the kitchen so I didnt have to be mad at anybodyRead MoreEssay about Ebonics3741 Words   |  15 PagesEbonics INTRODUCTION The main topic of this paper is the USA, and I have chosen to concentrate on a fairly new issue, the language know as Ebonics. There have always been changes in the English language. This is how the language came about and evolved from standard British English to American English. During the last few years, as the world has become more sensitive to the rights of minorities, women, animals, etc. a new form of changes has taken place. These changes have becomeRead More Is Ebonics a Language? Essay example918 Words   |  4 Pages Ebonics Is (or Is Not) a Language nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Before getting into any great detail concerning the complexity of what language is and its relationship with the term Ebonics, Ebonics must first be defined. It is considered to be best described as â€Å"black speech† and therefore can be referred to as an â€Å"undefined language.† Many consider language to be a spoken tongue belonging to a nationality of people, so in general, and for the sake of clarity in this work, language is a general

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Economic Growth Banking Sector Development -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Economic Growth Banking Sector Development? Answer: Introduction International expansion involves strategy for market entry that includes vital choices such as market focus, determining the target customers, allocation of resources, services and product offering and so on (Chen et al., 2015). When it comes to banks, expanding to foreign lands require knowledge about that countrys government as well as banking regulations (Considine et al., 2016). In addition to that, banks have to analyze the banking culture followed in the target nation. Amungo and Buck (2017), in a study concerning the expansion of Nigerian banks revealed the relevance of various theories relating to internationalization of organizations. The authors mentioned three specific theories that are the resource based view (RBV) theory, the eclectic theory and the transaction cost analysis (TCA) theory. According to the eclectic theory, banks have to explore the Ownership advantages that include managerial skills, specialized banking services, reputation and so on. Then, the banks have to focus on the Location advantages that are posed by the target nation including easy regulations, market size, and government interference and profit opportunities. Lastly, the theory mentions the Internalization advantage tha t concerns internalization of operations of the bank in foreign market. The RBV approach supports the view that banks have the advantage of managerial abilities, the brands reputation and organizational culture amongst others that help them expand in other countries. As per the TCA theory however, focuses more on factors like the entry and transact cost of the bank. The cultural proximity between two countries, property rights, legal concerns are included in the TCA factors (Cho, Lee Lee, 2015). The given report focuses on the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) and its strategy to expand in Brazil, France and Korea. The report provides an overview of the bank and then proceeds to the market analysis that would help it formulate the required strategy for expansion. ANZ Bank currently has headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and after its Asian expansion strategy; it aims to penetrate into the European and South American market. Overview of ANZ Bank Established in October 1951, ANZ operates in more than thirty countries providing services like retail, corporate and commercial banking, insurance, transaction banking and many more (Anz.com, 2018). It is the largest bank in New Zealand and fourth largest in Australia. The bank is also amongst the top fifty banks in the world. Involved in many award-winning initiatives, ANZ believes in adapting to changing environment in order to meet customer demands. The bank also drafts policies that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. With Shayne Elliott as the CEO, ANZ has an organizational structure that deviates from the hierarchical structure. The banks culture allows every employee to have a say in matters regarding any operation or decision. In a recent announcement, the bank decided to overhaul its structure and adopt an approach that distinguishes itself from others. According to the CEO, the bank aims to follow a term-based approach that would enable it to do things in a more agile way. In matters concerning ethical code of conducts, ANZ has developed two separate guidelines for directors and employees to be followed. In addition, it has prepared a Conduct and Ethics Policy Framework that comprises the ethical standards that need to be maintained in the company. These ethical policies and codes of conducts are maintained strictly in the bank that has helped it maintain a reputable and respectable position in the market. With a view to expand its operations in countries beyond the Asia-Pacific region, the bank has initiated a strategy to bring further amendments in its organizational policy. One of its policies is to acquire foreign banks and merge those with its own. However, the process would not be easy as the countries chosen for expansion have very strict rules and regulations regarding banking (Pradhan et al., 2014). It is but also true, that ANZ has an advantage of strong base in Australia, which it can utilize to establish foreign branches. The ANZ Bank holds a very good reputation within Australia and New Zealand despite being stained with controversies in the past. As already mentioned ANZ holds the top rank in New Zealand and is fourth biggest in Australia. It is thus evident that the bank does have a stronghold in its native place. However, in order to acquire businesses in Brazil, France and Korea, the bank has to clear off its name from the controversies and look ahead. The CEO mentioned this need in a recent statement made in the parliamentary committee of Australia where he stated that the bank is committed to rectify previous mistakes. He further added that steps have already been taken in this regard, those involved in forgery, and scandals have been removed. Market analysis of Brazil Banking system is Brazil has become quite efficient in recent times after years of economic sloth that slowed the countrys development pace. Many banks have installed sophisticated banking sites that not only offer banking services at a faster rate but also provide non-stop assistance to the customers. Numerous banks operate in the country with each city having at least one branch. Brazils five largest banks have around 10 to 15 thousand branches spread across the country and all international operations are centralized at the headquarters located majorly in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Syriopoulos, Makram Boubaker, 2015). In addition, all the banks have corresponding branches in other nations. Brazils efforts to stabilize the financial condition during the late 20th century were commended by the global economic leaders and experts. This showed that the country had mechanisms that can cope with any situation leading to financial distress. Moreover, the flexible rules and regulations of the banking sector make it luring enough for international firms to eye it. ANZ, being in a phase of image rebuilding and progress, would have great scope in Brazil. The country has a lot to offer when it comes to strategic alliances and partnerships. In a study by Coleman and Feler (2015), it has been revealed that post the global crisis of 2011-2012, Brazil has emerged as a strong economic market. The government has also shown agility in allowing international firms establish business without burdening them with unnecessary rules and regulations. However, many obstructions have been laid by the government for international firms that have compelled many experts to believe that these regulations are too complex. Apart from the government, the Central Bank of Brazil too has a major role in drafting regulations. These regulations were imposed by the government in order to check tax evasion but these have consequently resulted in rigid regulatory policies. It is but also true that despite all these factors, many foreign banks have struck partnership deals with the local Brazilian banks and achieved success. Looking at ANZs future policy for expansion, it is evident that the bank is attempting to raise its technological base in order to make services smoother and friendly for customers. Chuang and Hu (2015) have found that the banks Super Regional Strategy aims towards forming positive affiliations beyond the boundaries of Australia and New Zealand. The bank is primarily targeting markets based in America, Europe and Asia, Brazil being one amongst these. Currently Brazil is going through the phase of economic renovation whereas ANZ aims to rebuild its image as a fair bank. Therefore, these two factors present a perfect scenario for the bank to open its branches there and become operational. Market analysis of France Although ANZ has an existing branch at Paris, it aims to achieve maximum benefits by expanding its operations there. France is one of the most dynamic countries in Europe with endless possibilities for business expansion. The country has a banking system that is characterized by increased regulations deriving mainly from the European scheme for encouraging a safe banking system (Alter Beyer, 2014). After Brexit, the French government has pepped up its efforts to lure more and more banks by easing regulations and cutting high rates of interest. Owing to this, other nations also found an opportunity to expand their business in France. Brexit has also provided an opportunity for ANZ to attract customers in not only France but also those leaving Britain to have access to better opportunities with the bank. Prior to Brexit, the banking and government regulations that existed in France were quite rigid and complex. The phase after the 2007 financial crisis especially saw many departments were formed that looked after the financial security of the country. These departments proved to be a hurdle for international firms who looked to expand their businesses. Nonetheless, ANZ managed to expand its operations in France when it opened its first branch in the country that served customers mostly belonging to the Asia-Pacific region (Lodhia, 2015). The branch provided wholesale retail services to the customers. Apart from that sole branch, ANZ has no other branches in the whole of France and that is the reason why it has aimed to expand its operations here. ANZ provides financial services as well other than providing banking services across the thirty-four nations. France being at the center now after Brexit, presents a golden opportunity for ANZ to target the market (Schoenmaker Peek, 2014). However, certain things have to be kept in mind while planning to approach the French market, one of which is the presence of the European Union. The regulations that govern banking operations in France have a major control of the laws drafted by the EU. Therefore, ANZ must understand this aspect and then take subsequent steps. Another obstacle that ANZ might face while expanding to France is the language barrier. Although employees are trained to work in any country with varying linguistic backgrounds, it is not easy to get along from the beginning (De Jonghe ztekin, 2015). Although the French government has announced establishment of institutions to provide language training, it remains to be seen how long it would take the country to adapt as per international demand. Nonetheless, with technology as the leading objective, ANZ has the opportunity and the prospect to prosper in its international expansion aimed at France (Theguardian.com, 2018). Market analysis of Korea South Koreas banking sector has been an area of concern for the past few decades despite the fact that the countrys financial standard has shown improvement (Bruno Shin, 2014). Both the government and the investors have are facing problems regarding the sectors stability. However, the good news for ANZ is that the regulations imposed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) have been eased. Owing to the improvement in the standard of regulation quality, customers and clients have been endowed with opportunities to find a prospect in the country. In a report by the Scotia Bank on South Koreas economy, the efforts put by the South Korean government to stabilize the countrys banking sector have been found (Gbm.scotiabank.com, 2018). Among its peers, South Korea is probably the most stable and open economy amidst all the geopolitical and political turmoil. It has also been found that the government is putting in increased efforts to make the banking sector more flexible and welcoming towards international firms. In an attempt to attract investors, the government is providing monetary support to policy banks that are negatively affected by the issues facing the shipbuilding and shipping industries. Apart from that, South Koreas credit ratings and sovereign debts have also shown resilience. According to Standard Poors (SP), the strong public finances and encouraging policy environment have resulted in the countrys economic stability and rating (Xinhuanet.com, 2018). In spite of that, expanding to South Korea must have to be strategized sensibly looking at the situation faced by the existing foreign banks in the country. In a report published in the Financial Times, the HSBC Banking group aired its concern regarding banking in the Asian country (Ft.com, 2018). The disappointment has been expressed majorly in the retail banking area where foreign banks have performed the lowest. The cause for this poor performance has been attributed to the excessive government interference. A look at the countrys economic performance in the last financial year of 2017, signs of improvement are there but the banking environment is still displaying signs of instability (Eiu.com, 2018). However, with the increasing influence of the global economy and technology and South Koreas attitude towards it, global banks do have a strong chance to prosper in their endeavor in the country. ANZ group with its mission to provide unconditional services to customers irrespective o f country, cast or community has strong chances of doing well in Korea (Yoo, Kang Kim, 2015). Strategy formulation for ANZ ANZ provides numerous services to its customers both within and beyond Australia and New Zealand. Apart from the retail, corporate and commercial banking services, the ANZ group also provides financial services like investment, superannuation, providing financial solutions and insurance to millions of customers. Another feature of ANZ is that it provides state-of-the-art technology solutions to its customers. The firm believes in complete utilization of technology and thus it has laid stress on technology. After evaluating the markets of Brazil, France and Korea, it is evident that ANZ has great scope in expanding its business in these countries. In order to formulate strategy for the expansion, ANZ has to decide as to which area of business it wants to focus on while expanding. A look at ANZs purpose and strategy for its existing businesses, presents great opportunities for growing further. One of its business purposes is to internationalize its domestic services by reaching out to customers in different countries. Therefore, certain strategies have to be articulated to ensure error free and concrete plan for international expansion. First, ANZ has to analyze if its business is flourishing in its native region and if not, it has to make sure that the existing market is bringing in profit. This strategy involves minimum risk and maximum results, as the company would target its existing customers with new pricing, products and services. The existing customers would make it known to the company if the strategy has worked or not. This is one advantage of applying this strategy. Second, the company can look to develop fresh market segmentation. This strategy would require thorough market research to determine the new target group. Third and the most important are the merger and acquisition of existing companies or groups. ANZ is planning to enter into strategic partnerships and acquisitions in the said countries to grow its business (Ferreira et al., 2014). Hence, applying this strategy in the domestic market as an initial step would greatly help ANZ prepare for the international expansion. One aspect that often elude s the strategic planning is the understanding of cultural differences while establishing business in other countries. ANZ is based in Australia and it plans to expand its business in Brazil, France and Korea that are culturally distinct from Australia. Hence, training employees to adapt in those culturally distinct countries must be included in the expansion strategy (Turner Nugent, 2015). Recommendations Jiang, Holburn and Beamish (2014) suggest a firm that plans to expand to foreign markets must consider evaluating the performance of other firms in the target markets. This would help the firms understand the environment of the target markets and the risks associated as well. ANZ may follow these recommendations while formulating the plan. These include: Proper market segmentation is essential, as it would help ANZ demarcate its customers according to various businesses Market research must be done adequately and with emphasis recent trends evident in the target countries Goals and objectives must be prepared beforehand keeping in mind the budget and other necessities (Forbes.com 2018). A top-down budget should be developed along with a strategic project plan with consigned dates Reviewing regulations imposed by government and industry of the target country must be done after proper product gap analysis. This would ensure obtaining of certifications and compliance if needed It must also be made sure that the products and services decided to be marketed has been named and designated as per the said countrys local language and tradition Focus should be more on the companys strength rather on areas where it has not delved into yet or areas where it lacks consistency. Further, local distribution networks and logistics must be developed to sell the product and services through authentic and credible channels Apart from that, ANZ must be equipped with organizational, legal, finance and tax strategies that enables it to implement everything with given time and with perfection Conclusion The future success of a firm depends on the present strategies it implements. When it international expansion for developing the business, strategies become increasingly important. ANZ is a reputable banking company based in Australia and New Zealand that plans to expand the Asian, North American and European nations. It provides financial services to customers in thirty-four countries including Australia and New Zealand. ANZ has been in the news for several reasons mostly for its scandals and forgery. Shayne Elliott, the new CEO has pledged to rebuild the companys image by removing the stained employees and getting closer to the customers. With its vision to become a technologically advanced financing group, ANZ has employed many strategies pertaining to the development of technology. It is thus important for the company to test its capability whether it is ready to explore international areas of business. The report presented a systematic analysis of the expansion strategy that nee ds to be formulated by the company. In the report, it has also been highlighted that the bank has to rebuild its image in the public before planning to expand further as its image had been tarnished by past controversies. In addition, the report has provided a clear understanding of the current and previous market conditions prevailing in Brazil, France and Korea. Both the negative and positive aspects of economy in each country have been elaborated in the report. After analyzing the attractiveness of each market, it can be stated that ANZ has strong chances of being successful in these countries. However, certain things have to be kept in mind before taking a step forward. The report has provided recommendations for ANZ that it should follow to expand and grow its business. References: Alter, A., Beyer, A. (2014). The dynamics of spillover effects during the European sovereign debt turmoil.Journal of Banking Finance,42, 134-153. Amungo, E., Buck, T. (2017). 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Technology Strategy-Innovating for Growth of ANZ Bank.International Review of Management and Business Research,4(3), 682. Coleman, N., Feler, L. (2015). Bank ownership, lending, and local economic performance during the 20082009 financial crisis.Journal of Monetary Economics,71, 50-66. Considine, B., Krahel, J. P., Lenk, M. M., Janvrin, D. J. (2016). Social Technology: A Compendium of Short Cases.Issues in Accounting Education Teaching Notes,31(4), 43-56. De Jonghe, O., ztekin, . (2015). Bank capital management: International evidence.Journal of Financial Intermediation,24(2), 154-177. Eiu.com. (2018).South Korea: Banking sector risk.Eiu.com. Retrieved 17 January 2018, from https://www.eiu.com/industry/article/365258220/south-korea-banking-sector-risk/2017-03-17 Ferreira, M. P., Santos, J. C., de Almeida, M. I. R., Reis, N. R. (2014). Mergers acquisitions research: A bibliometric study of top strategy and international business journals, 19802010.Journal of Business Research,67(12), 2550-2558. Forbes.com. (2018).Forbes Welcome.Forbes.com. Retrieved 17 January 2018, from https://www.forbes.com/sites/allbusiness/2015/03/04/10-key-steps-to-expanding-your-business-globally/#5993ace33803 Ft.com. (2018).Foreign banks struggle in South Korea.Ft.com. Retrieved 17 January 2018, from https://www.ft.com/content/6f1d4f04-14f9-11e3-b3db-00144feabdc0 Gbm.scotiabank.com. (2018).Executive Briefing: SOUTH KOREA.Gbm.scotiabank.com. Retrieved 17 January 2018, from https://www.gbm.scotiabank.com/English/bns_econ/southkorea-execbriefing.pdf Jiang, G. F., Holburn, G. L., Beamish, P. W. (2014). The impact of vicarious experience on foreign location strategy.Journal of International Management,20(3), 345-358. Lodhia, S. (2015). 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International linkages of the Australian banking system: Implications for financial stability.JASSA, (3), 34. Xinhuanet.com. (2018).S.Korea picks 12 banks as liquidity providers in Won-Yuan direct market - Xinhua | English.news.cn.Xinhuanet.com. Retrieved 17 January 2018, from https://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2017-12/22/c_136845613.htm Yoo, C., Kang, B. T., Kim, H. K. (2015). Case study of the vulnerability of OTP implemented in internet banking systems of South Korea.Multimedia Tools and Applications,74(10), 3289-3303

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Henry Aaron Essays - Negro World Series, Hank Aaron, Atlanta Braves

Henry Aaron Everybody knows that Henry Aaron holds the record for the most career homeruns. But most of them probably do not know that he also holds the record for the most career Runs Batted In (RBIs) with 2297. The reason is that this record is not as glamorous. Well, not everything about Hank Aaron was glamorous. He had to overcome great odds and work very hard to get where he is today. Henry Louis Aaron was born on February 5, 1934. Ironically, Aaron was born one day before Babe Ruths birthday. This was right in the middle of the Great Depression. Because of the fact that it was the Great Depression, his father was lucky to bring home seventy five to eighty dollars per week. His childhood was not luxurious. Something that he used to do for fun was to take his mothers broom and some soda pop bottle caps and set up markers in the yard. If he hit the bottle caps to the first marker, he would give himself a single. A hit to the second marker would be a double, etc. Aaron only played this game when there were no other children around. Hank Aarons first wife was Barbara Lucas from Jacksonville. They were divorced in December of 1970. On November 12, 1973, he married Billye Williams of Atlanta. Hanks four children are Gaile, Hankie, Dorinda, and Ceci. In 1950, Aaron went to play for the Mobile Black Bears for one day a week and ten dollars per game. In 1951 he attended the Brooklyn Dodgers tryout camp. Hanks first professional baseball team was the Indianapolis Clowns in 1952. He played so well for them that Dewey Griggs, a Milwaukee Braves scout, came to watch him play. Griggs noticed that Aaron batted cross-handed. So he went to Aaron after the game and came to an agreement that if Aaron did well batting the right way, that he would switch. It turns out that he did great the next day, going three for three. Griggs was so impressed with Aaron that he invited him to the Braves Spring Training camp. During the camp, the roster was determined and Aaron was not on it. However, being the type of person that he was, he stayed around just to practice with the team. It turns out that this was the best decision of his career because later that spring, the Braves left fielder broke his ankle. This opened a spot on the team. The next day, Aaron started in his place and got three hits, including a line-drive homerun. Because of his success, the manager offered Aaron a contract to play for the Braves. By the end of the 1973 season, he had 713 career homeruns, one less than the all-time record. During the off-season, Aaron received a lot of hate mail and death threats, mostly from people who did not want to see a black man break Babe Ruths record. Aaron was quoted as saying, As the hate mail piled up, I became more and more intent on breaking the record and shoving it into the ugly faces of those bigots (Aaron). On the night of April 8, 1974, at 9:07 PM, Henry Aaron hit a fastball off of Al Downing that flew over the left field fence for homerun number 715 (Aaron). Aaron ended his career with 755 homeruns. He also played in 3298 games, batted 12,364 times, had 3771 hits, had a .305 batting average, and won three Gold Gloves. He led the National League in RBIs four times, and in HRs four times. He won the Rookie of the Year award in his first professional season. In 1975, he was given the Spingarn Medal, which is given out by the NAACP every year. It is like an achievement award. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1982 and his 715th homerun was recently voted the Greatest Moment in Baseball History. Although Henry Aaron was a great baseball player, he was also a hard worker. He had to overcome a lot of adversity to get where he is today. He was a black man that grew up in a poor neighborhood during the Great Depression. It

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Rudolf diesel essays

Rudolf diesel essays One man solely changed how to run engines in a more sufficient manner. Rudolf Diesel revolutionized the known world with one simple, but complex engine. Diesel designed many different things until one day he designed an engine that would change his life altogether. Rudolf Diesel was born in Paris in 1858 (www.rudolfdiesel.com). His parents were immigrants from Bavarian. After graduating from Munich Polytechnic. He was employed at a refrigerator engineer. Though employed as he was, he designed many heat machines, including a solar-powered air engine. In 1893, he published a paper describing an engine with combustion within a cylinder, the internal combustion engine ( www.rudolfdiesel.com). Diesel filed for a patent for his new invention in 1894. His machine almost cost him his life when it exploded directly in front of him. However, the internal combustion engine, was the first that proved that fuel can be ignited without a spark. He operated his first successful engine in 1897 (www.rudolfdiesel.com). In 1898, Diesel and his internal combustion engine, the diesel engine, were granted patent #608845. The diesel engine modern society are improved versions of Rudolf Diesels original concept. They are now used in large trucks, subs, ships, locomotives, and in electric generating plants. The impact of this engine has economized the entire world. Fuel last longer, engines run longer and stronger, and most important, you got every penny out of it. This development was so incredible that the whole world started using it in many more aspects than transportation. Rudolf Diesels inventions have three points in common: They relate to heat transference by natural physical processes or laws; they involve markedly creative mechanical design; and they were initially motivated by the inventors concept of sociological needs (www.rudolfdiesel.com). Diesel conceived the diesel engine so that artisans and ind...

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To what extent can the Gothic genre be understood as reaction to Essay

To what extent can the Gothic genre be understood as reaction to Enlightenment ideals of reason, harmony and social progress - Essay Example The term in fact encompasses Gothic imagination, Gothic characteristic and a lack of awareness for science and technology. A future characterized by Gothic genre would be signified by a fiction depicting the dark future or an oncoming dark age. Some of the most dominant instances are the characters of Frankenstein and the Dracula. Keeping in mind the basic Gothic components, the paper picks up three novels, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and Castle of Otranto Walpole to understand the Gothic genre as a challenge to the enlightenment concepts of reason, social advancement and harmony. Although the Gothic genre claims to have initiated from the feudal traditions as referred, yet it is actually an eighteenth century production and innovation and also originates in â€Å"fake origins† because it leads to a fabrication of origins and also â€Å"Fabricating a fabrication† (Botting, 2). The novel The Castle of Otranto is often referred as the fir st Gothic novel. A close reading of Walpole’s work which later inspired a short story, poem and even a film, shall help identify supernatural elements like omens, prophecy and visions. It enfolds a castle with its haunting mysterious ways – â€Å"blasts of wind that shook the doors she had passed, and which, grating on the rusty hinges, were re-echoed through that long labyrinth of darkness† (Walpole, 1766, p.23). The characters are blessed with lack of reason and more of overwhelming emotions. This disturbs the harmony time and again with the shrieks of women and dramatic reactions. The female characters are under patriarchal domination of male tyranny. The women had none to turn to except God as they are... Although the Gothic genre claims to have initiated from the feudal traditions as referred, yet it is actually an eighteenth-century production and innovation and also originates in â€Å"fake origins† because it leads to a fabrication of origins and also â€Å"Fabricating a fabrication†. The novel The Castle of Otranto is often referred as the first Gothic novel. A close reading of Walpole’s work which later inspired a short story, poem, and even a film, shall help identify supernatural elements like omens, prophecy, and visions. It enfolds a castle with its haunting mysterious ways – â€Å"blasts of the wind that shook the doors she had passed, and which, grating on the rusty hinges, were re-echoed through that long labyrinth of darkness†. The characters are blessed with the lack of reason and more of overwhelming emotions. This disturbs the harmony time and again with the shrieks of women and dramatic reactions. The female characters are under the patriarchal domination of male tyranny. The women had none to turn to except God as they are under the whims of men’s orders – â€Å"Words cannot paint the horror of the Princess’s situation†¦She addressed herself to every saint in heaven, and inwardly implored their assistance†.